28 Jan 2017

Weekend away in NEW YORK; Yacht Charter Deal secured in the meantime!

SuperSailYachts.com always come up with great suggestions on how to plan your next super yacht charter.  How about you spend a weekend in NEW YORK or elsehwere, while we do everything else to secure your chosen luxury yacht for your oncoming yachting holiday ? 

New York's skyline and your yacht charter have lots in common

With a great choice of superyacht available for private yacht charters, finding the best deal is not always easy.  For all those who are keen to book their luxury yacht charter vacation in the coming weeks, we suggest to send us their request by email  and let us do the hard work for you.  And while we are doing so, you can spend a lovely evening in NEW YORK, eating fine food, drinking best wine and dancing with your lovely partners until the doors are closed. 
New York at night looks fabulous, especially at Times Square

Ideally, once in the big apple for your luxury weekend of shopping, on one of the evenings you will visit the RCA Building and the Rockefeller Centre beneath, where you will head through the echoing art deco lobby and take a lift to the 65th floor.  Here, on top of the Manhattan in the Rainbow Room, you can walk through revolving wooden dance-floor and go past all the ladies in designer night dresses and men in tuxedos and take a place at one of the semicircle discreet tables where attentive waiters will serve you a bottle of the very special wine and largest lobster thermidor you can imagine.  With the views of Fifth Avenue and the Empire State Building you can enjoy the sights of cocktail dresses, ball-gowns and revealing décolletés of fabulously looking women, before your request your own song of the evening.   

Your superyacht should also have a superyacht tender

At the end of this fascinating night, (are you imagining it already?), your yacht charter quote with bespoke itinerary will await in your inbox and as soon as you wake up, you can proceed by booking the ultimate luxury yachting holiday by securing the best and largest superyacht you require.   
Shopping alongside Croatian Adriatic is an interesting option too
In most cases, we will contribute to your weekend in New York, not only by taking the hard work of finding the most suitable charter yacht in the meantime, but also paying for your night out, rewarding you for putting your trust into our yacht charter service.  Yes, you have read it correctly.  Your weekend away could be free of charge, with a suggestion above described as an example for a client of ours who booked 2 weeks luxury yacht charter on a superb 60m superyacht in South of France.

So what are you waiting now ? Test us, plan your weekend away, in this case in New York, but under circumstances anywhere else too and by discussing this with us in advance and then let us surprise you once you are on board as well.

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