31 May 2014

Monaco Grand Prix

Held last weekend of May, this most prestigious F1 Grand Prix race attracts numerous super yachts to Monaco.
Crowds party even during the race at all times

Fully booked as always, the event attracted the most distinguished persons in racing and F1 circuit every year.  During the 2014 race Mercedes finally achieved the status of the favourites on course where they rarely took the pole, let alone the first two podium places with Nico Rosberg taking the first place and his team colleague Lewis Hamilton the second place.  The double win was not welcomed by all team members as there was a clearly visible discord amongst the Lewis Hamilton fans.
Take your own helicopter ride on time

Nevertheless, Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix events are the ultimate party weekends and SuperSailYachts can provide access to the finest hospitality facilities, the best views of the race, simply the most entertaining off the track parties, the most-desired hotels and most of all a tailor-made yacht charter service that ensures you as the customer will be at the heart of everything we do.  The yacht charter service can also be accompanied with additional services such as arranging a VIP balcony hospitality, booking the Grandstand Tickets and top-end restaurant reservations or helicopter flights on request. In all situations and during the whole event, SuperSailYachts will be your genuine Monaco expert.
Race can be viewed on large screends

Watching the Monaco F1 Grand Prix race from the trackside and on board of a Superyacht is simply the best, indeed the quintessential experience both in weekend getaway terms as well as in terms of F1 race calendar.  SuperSailYachts will be glad to arrange your VIP Luxury Hospitality with a glass of champagne in hand while the Formula 1 cars zoom just yards away.

No escape of F1 Grand Prix when visiting Principality in May
Watching the race from a luxury yacht is about as close as you can get to the F1 Grand Prix action anywhere, let alone in Monaco itself.  And all locations are always 100% VIP spaces as there are no others in this limited area.  All yacht charters arranged will normally include early access to the luxury yacht every morning with overnight sleep if required, prime, track-side mooring with a view of the tabac complex as well as a number of giant screens, a luxury super yacht tender transfers to off the boat party's or entertainment venues, usually a fully complimentary bar throughout the weekend that includes daily champagne breakfast, full gourmet lunch, afternoon tea and any other food or drink service on board.  The yachts are always crewed with a fully professional, multi-lingual event staff which will provide race programme and ear plugs and luxury service during your stay on board.

Join the teams and party goers at the Monaco Grand Prix 2015 now as the biggest yachts and mooring spaces are already being taken.