31 Jan 2016

M/Y LEGEND, the ice-breaking giant is special!

Eurocopter approaching its landing on MY LEGEND
There are many super yachts available for private yacht charters nowadays.  Many have special equipment on board, latest gadgets, superb facilities and are available in the most prestigious mega yacht charter destinations.  None is as M/Y LEGEND however.  Previously Giant, this one of a kind giga yacht is being converted into first in the world Lloyds Class A1 ice-breaking ship within the premises of prestigious Dutch shipyard Icon Yachts.  She will than be available for luxury yacht charters in the most remote and least accessible corners of the globe including the Greenland, Arctic Circle, Fjords of Norway and the Antarctica.

How about calling in at Monaco Yacht Show in September!?
There is so much one can say about this super yacht.  For a start, she is capable of providing not only luxury yacht charters but go anywhere expeditions with team of experts in their field.  She can also carry two helicopters with a commercially certified helipad and a three man submarine on request.  Seeing icebergs from a ship is nothing as seeing it from underneath and discovering the life that no man has seen before.  How else do you imagine your private yacht charter experience on a one of a kind passenger ship that can carry up to 26 guests, 19 crew and even 10 private guests and a whole team of naturalists, scientists and experts in their field of research work?

Before heading to Antarctica, hit post-Olympic Rio
When in Arctic circle you will also have snow mobiles available and in Greenland you can go skiing on one of the many glaciers.  When in Antarctica, you can have a barbeque in an area where no other man like you has set foot and in between, in locations such as Patagonia, Falklands or Las Malvinas and Norwegian Fjords you can show off as preparing for a one of a kind experience all others you will meet can only dream of.

So, why wait now when you can have it call. Charter M/Y LEGEND, the 77.4 giant and head to where you did not dream of going just minutes before. Unless you can think of another idea to make your one of a kind lifetime adventure even more special and turn the offering of the Icon Yachts converted ice-breaking passenger ship on its head as inadequate !?