31 Dec 2013


Luxury crewed yacht charter is all about limitless time, ultimate freedom and space, extraordinary experiences and total privacy.  Those who charter luxury mega yachts do so mainly because they value their freedom.   Chartering a private yacht is on their vacation schedule mainly as they wish to avoid sharing facilities with unknown people, indulge in their own world created by numerous sacrifices and hard work throughout the year, all away from home and because they would like to be only with the people they choose to be around them.
Super Yacht Tandem charter in the Mediterranean
Indeed, one of our regular super yacht charter clients told me how he does not want anyone on board apart from his wife, and even the crew always must have their own companionway and full facilities, so they are seen and called into action only when absolutely necessary.  In most cases, the couple even prepare their own basic snacks while ordering their superyacht crew to prepare other meals and move out of the way once these are served, with chief stewardess, the captain or the deck hand for their water sports fun staying around on suitable occasions only.

However, there are times when one luxury boat will simply not be sufficient or at least the preferred choice will be unsuitable or out of the budget.  The legality of having more guests on board than allowed by local or international maritime regulations will almost certainly play a crucial role too.

Thus, when you will plan your next luxury crewed charter, one of the first priorities of arranging one, is finalising a number of guests on board.   In most cases, the yacht charter parties on luxury crewed yachts will number between 6 to 8 adults or as a general rule, less than 12 guests.  The choice of such yachts is usually great in all major super yacht charter destinations.  Tandem charter for such groups is therefore rarely required, unless the clients will want to have a super yacht tender to whisk them to the shore as the one carried on board may not be sufficiently luxurious.  In that case, the captain of the tender will act as a tandem yacht which will follow the main boat wherever it moves.

The cost of chartering mega yachts which can accommodate more than 12 guests can be prohibitively expensive, and finding such luxury boats could be very difficult. Mega yachts which can accommodate more than 12 guests are very rare or would have to be registered under special terms, for example a SOLAS regulation for ‘’cruise ships’’.   Should you require such a super yacht, the lovely Super Yacht O’Rama could be the best choice.  On the highest end of the scale, you would need to look at the ultimate giga yachts such as the Giga Yacht O’Mega.  If you would be on a budget, yet still require a luxury yacht, less expensive but impressive sailing boat such as Gulet Barbara could be a solution.

In reality however, super yacht tandem charter is likely to be the best choice.  The most usual scenario is that your party will be an extended family with children.  In those situations chartering a luxury crewed sailing catamaran for children is the way to go.  Children will love the space on board of such yacht as they will want to roam around and run on deck all day.  Add to this safe and easy access to the water thanks to wide stairs on two separate hulls and fabulous trampolines and the decision will be made easy for you.  In case your party will have only adults on board, hiring two equal yachts both in terms of size as well as facilities is likely to be suggested by one of our SuperSailYacht charter brokers.

Sailing Catamarans are best suited for tandem charters with children

Regardless of your party set up, many of our clients with larger groups opted to charter not one, but two or more super yachts in the past.  This way, two or more comparable luxury crewed yachts charter in tandem throughout the week.  These yachts will sail together, anchor within a short distance of one another, and provide some casual get-togethers throughout the charter week, always based on your preferences, pre-arranged activities or last minute crew suggestions.   During a tandem charter you can sail side by side taking part in watersport activities, luxury dinners or privately arranged competitions and beach games or pre-arranged excursions ashore as a group.    During meals served on board,
the chefs on both super yachts will be able to create best of the menus and serving staff will be happy to arrange either a formal dining for the adults and a kid-friendly menu for the children or a special BBQ on the beach party for guests from both yachts.  If everybody wants to eat together while on board, the buffet-style service served on board is the usual way of entertaining demanding guests.

One of the best benefits of a tandem yacht charter is an extensive choice of water sports toys on board.  It is likely that you will have at least two if not four waverunners, a couple of great tenders to tow the inflatable toys or to embark on a competitive water skiing challenge. While tandem charter in general requires a bit more organisation, all super yacht charter clients can expect a truly extraordinary vacation that was worth the added planning.
Super Yacht Tandem Charter in Monaco
And if your requirement for two or more yachts is motivated by other reasons, the decision to embark on a tandem charter will be made even easier.  If you have ever wanted to gather the entire extended family for a fun-filled luxury yacht charter holiday, such charters will be the way to go from the outset.
Maritime laws and regulations restrict yachts from taking more than 12 guests but if this problem surfaces during your own yacht charter scheduling, rest assured, as there are solutions galore. A tandem yacht charter is designed for larger groups to cruise together while still enjoying all the privacy and benefits of a luxury yacht charter at the pace you and your guests desire.
Although arranging a tandem super yacht charter requires more planning and various options have to be considered, in particular continuous co-ordination efforts between the head charterer or his representative as well as our charter manager, the two captains and their respective crew, the projects are always much better than expected.  I could therefore only suggest you to consider tandem yacht charters as they are both fun, exciting and will not cost as much as the ultimate giga yachts of this world.

30 Dec 2013


Nowadays, there are a great number of ULTIMATE LUXURY HOLIDAY options one can embark on around the world.

Super rich have a great choice amongst many custom made vacations offered across all six major continents. As an example, a premiership footballer could hire an entire island in the Caribbean, such as the Richard Branson's Neckar paradise.  In another instance, a highly successful businessman can rent a superb multiple-bedroom villa in South of France where his family can enjoy their own facilities such as a cinema room, wine cellar, a tennis court or a fully equipped gym, and an A-list celebrity could simply hop onto a privately chartered jet and embark on an African Safari made just for their closest entourage as part of an engagement party where travelling large distances by car can be prohibitively time-consuming.

Superb vistas await anyone visiting Maldives

And I know for the fact that even some of our super yacht charter clients who regularly sail on mega yachts around the world, need an occasional holiday which would allow them to explore the wonders of this world or their other side of personality.  In such situations they seek an alternative adventure, a once in a lifetime trip which is not available on a super yacht getaway, or a sublime escape away from the usual luxury crewed yacht charter destinations they cover in the summer season around the Mediterranean, or in the winter season around the Caribbean. If you have never chartered a super mega yacht though, you are likely to first consider a number of other ultimate luxury holidays before seriously considering super yacht charter. And indeed, you will stumble across huge number of options, from environmentally responsible escapes, perhaps the odd millionaire lifestyle cruise with obligatory suite and balcony, a de-luxe, boat and land fully guided cycling tour in Western Europe or some of the longer term land tours that in many  cases may commence with unique experiences such as the wildebeest migration in the Serengeti before going on to explore the Ngorongoro Crater and finish with a climb of the mount Kilimanjaro on foot.

Pacific Yellowfin yacht during one fo the charters in British Columbia
In other situations, a British based holiday maker could for example decide to stay at home and secure London Eye for their own private use, get an after-hours access to the Tower of London in order to view Crown Jewels and a lavish banquet or get a private class by a major golf star or a celebrity chef.  This of course in case you would consider it a holiday at all, let alone an ultimate, super luxury one. 

In any case, most of us have probably received polite hints from their partner in love that for honeymoon only the best will do. The best are of course the Maldives and Reethi Rah or the not so bling, or over the top Velaa Private Island is supposedly the way to go. Providing affluent holidaymakers with what the crave most, privacy and space in the most beautiful part of the world namely, as well as subtle and discreete service, isn't this what would be deemed as an ultimate, super luxury holiday ?

In general, whatever the inspiration, occasion or the reason for going away, a super-rich traveller of today will always want to travel in great comfort, enjoying the chosen luxury lifestyle from the moment they leave the house to their return back home.

Breathtaking vistas in the Grenada, Caribbean
So, do any of the above luxury holidays offer all the benefits of a super yacht charter, primarily the ultimate in time, space and privacy?
Does any of these quality as an ultimate, super luxury holiday, offering you the options for you to genuinely relax and do what you really would like to do?
For example, will you have the option of deciding when exactly to you’re your bespoke luxury breakfast, where to have it and what type of breakfast to have ? Or would you have to be at 9am in the breakfast room, eating something you don’t' really like, served by someone you don't' really know, even though this is a 7 star super luxury hotel in Dubai? Or would you be more happy discussing your breakfast options with your own chef and chief stewardess while relaxing in a Jacuzzi on the bridge deck of your own super yacht while it is moored in a picturesque bay, while your children or friends are safely instructed on how to use all the water sport toys available for free use on board. Add to this the hostess serving freshly prepared homemade drinks, allowing you and your partner to seamlessly enjoy the breathtaking vistas of the best scenery for miles around you becoming your own private views, including the fun your children or friends are currently having on the water and you are getting closer to heaven.

A friend of ours recently returned from a self-arranged epicurean trip visiting a great number of three-Michelin-star restaurants in Western Europe. While he and his partner enjoyed this unique experience and some absolutely amazing dinners, they still preferred the superb meals prepared by Michellin star experienced chefs on board the yachts they chartered in the past. Thus, the answer seems logical to us. What about you ?

Having considered a number of these and many other options, our view and indeed best assumption is that mega yacht charter or super yacht charter will indeed be seen as the best way to relax, escape or enjoy yourself.  This is not only because when you charter a super yacht, only there can you find a total seclusion, total privacy.   It is because whatever you do and whatever you crave to do, on here, on board of a super yacht, you can also enjoy the whole range of other options such as cycling, exploring, walking, hiking, in other words, whatever you please.  And of course, we should not forget about snorkelling on a deserted beach, jet skiing in a secluded bay or sunbathing on the sun deck while sipping cocktails prepared by your own servants on board of the chosen super yacht, which you cannot do on any other type of super luxury holidays.

Thus, given the increasing number of super yachts available around the world, including some of the most secluded regions such as Antarctica and Alaska as well as the new destinations such as Brasil, Panama, Middle East, South Pacific, Galapagos or the fact a number of yachts embark on circumnavigation around the globe every year, we firmly suggest that you should consider super yacht or luxury crewed charter more seriously or once again and book your mega yacht shortly.